Sales Circulars - 2019

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  Sales Circular No. Subject
SC No D-17/2019 dated 29.04.2019 Chargeability of GST on deposit and contribution works (expenses for providing electric line/plant) executed by DHBVN.
SC No D-16/2019 dated 23.04.2019 Mhara Gaon Jag Mag Gaon - Amendment.
SC No D-15/2019 dated 08.04.2019 Schedule of tariff for supply of energy.
SC No D-14/2019 dated 08.04.2019 Time of Use (ToU) / Time of Day (ToD) tariff.
SC No D-13/2019 dated 08.04.2019 Levy of Fuel Surcharge Adjustment (FSA).
SC No D-12/2019 dated 22.03.2019 Commercial Accounting System - Introduction of new accounts head in respect to the Sale Circular No. D-24/2018.
SC No D-11/2019 dated 15.03.2019 Corrigendum; Schedule of Tariff for Supply of Energy.
SC No D-10/2019 dated 15.03.2019 Release of Tube-well Connection.
SC No D-9/2019 dated 14.03.2019 Issue of demand notice for applicants seeking extension of load on independent feeder under Sales Circular No. D-26-2017.
SC No D-8/2019 dated 09.03.2019 Supply of Meter, CTs/PTs, Meter Cubical and Metering equipment for release of connection.
SC No D-7/2019 dated 06.03.2019 Power subsidy scheme of Rs.2/- per Unit for all industrial connections in 'C' & 'D' category blocks of the State with a connected load of 20 KW or Less.
SC No D-6/2019 dated 27.02.2019 Release of Tubewell Connection - Issue of Demand Notice.
SC No D-5/2019 dated 25.01.2019 Mhara Gaon Jag Mag Gaon for Dera / Dhanis on AP feeders having PAT T/F.
SC No D-4/2019 dated 09.01.2019 Procedure for writing off irrecoverable amount from non-existing / untraceable consumers.
SC No D-3/2019 dated 05.01.2019 Release of temporary electric connection with 300 to 900 meters from the crest of the outer parapet of the Air Force Station Gurugram.
SC No D-2/2019 dated 02.01.2019 Revised Delegation of Powers for the applications pertaining to Change of Name and Reduction of Load.
SC No D-1/2019 dated 01.01.2019 Release of New Connection / EOL & ROL of HT and LT / CT Connections.