Implementation of decision in CWP-16330/2005 and connected matters
Office order regarding implementation of CWP-16330/2005 and connected matters - Tentative Seniority Lists.
Annx-I Annx-II Annx-III Annx-IV Annx-V Annx-VI Annx-VII Annx-VIII Annx-IX Annx-X
Annx-XI Annx-XII Annx-XIII Annx-XIV Annx-XV Annx-XVI Annx-XVII Annx-XVIII Annx-XIX
Court Case CWP16330 draft report- The draft report is subject to be evaluated in terms of policy notified by O/o Chief Secreatary Govt of Haryana
Court Case CWP-16330 draft report.
Instructions of Haryana Government and seniority.
Annexures of the draft report.