Sales Circulars - 2020

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  Sales Circular No. Subject
C No. D-22/2020 dated 07.09.2020 Release of Tubewell Connection - Payment of interest for delay in releasing the tubewell connections.
C No. D-21/2020 dated 07.09.2020 Guidelines for release of Temporary & Permanent connections in the colonizer/builder/ developer area.
SC No. D-20/2020 dated 26.08.2020 Charges to be recovered from Railways (Deemed Distribution Licensee).
SC No. D-19/2020 dated 26.08.2020 Star ratings of motor pumpset for extension of load - Clarification thereof.
SC No. D-18/2020 dated 11.08.2020 Payment of interest on staff security, meter security and consumption security deposite for the year 2020-21.
SC No. D-17/2020 dated 06.08.2020 HERC (Single Point Supply to Employers' Colonies, Group Housing Societies, Residential Colonies, Office cum Residential Complexes and Commercial Complexes of Developers and Industrial Estates/IT Park/SEZ) Regulations, 2020.
SC No. D-16/2020 dated 10.07.2020 Release of Tubewell Connection - Issue of monoblock pumpsets and applicants unwilling for motor pumpset with legend 3 star ratin (earlier 5 Star).
SC No. D-15/2020 dated 09.07.2020 Levy of Fuel Surcharge Adjustment (FSA).
SC No. D-14/2020 dated 09.07.2020 Schedule of tariff for supply of energy.
SC No. D-13/2020 dated 25.06.2020 Release of Tubewell Connection - Issue of monoblock pumpsets.
SC No. D-12/2020 dated 25.06.2020 HERC Duty to supply electricity on request and power to recover expenditure and power to recover security regulations, 2016 (1st Amendment) Regulation, 2020.
SC No. D-11/2020 dated 23.06.2020 Approval of new connection, extension of load, reduction of load, change of name and approval of electrification plan, in case of load of 500 KW/KVA or above.
SC No. D-10/2020 dated 12.06.2020 Policy of release of tubewell connection with 5 Star Energy Efficient Pumpsets.
SC No. D-09/2020 dated 02.06.2020 Using Nigam's Poles/laying of cable TV Network/Internet wires / OFC cables by Cable and Telecom Operators on the poles erected adjacent to Nigam's poles..
SC No. D-08/2020 dated 30.04.2020 Payment of Interest on  staff security, meter security and consumption security deposite for the year 2019-20.
SC No. D-07/2020 dated 28.03.2020 Electricity Supply Code - Regulation No. 29/2014 and amendment thereof.
SC No. D-06/2020 dated 28.03.2020 Guidelines for implementation of MNRE Phase-II of Grid Connected Rooftop Solar (RTS) Programme.
SC No. D-05/2020 dated 20.03.2020 Schedule of tariff for supply of energy - Additional surcharge..
SC No. D-04/2020 dated 18.03.2020 Levy of Fuel Surcharge Adjustment (FSA).
SC No. D-03/2020 dated 09.03.2020 Instructions regarding notice to be issued to the owners of the unauthorized constructions under/near 11 KV & 33 KV lines.
SC No. D-02/2020 dated 25.01.2020 Surcharge waiver scheme, 2019 for all AP consumers (connected and disconnected).
SC No. D-01/2020 dated 03.01.2020 Concessional Tariff for power drawn by HT Industrial consumers during off-peak hours in excess of their normal consumption during the corresponding billing period in the preceding year.