Sales Circulars - 2018

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  Sales Circular No. Subject
SC No D-33/2018 dated 14.12.2018 Peak Load Exemption Charges (PLEC).
SC No D-32/2018 dated 14.12.2018 ToU/ToD Tariff.
SC No D-31/2018 dated 14.12.2018 Schedule of Tariff for Supply of Energy.
SC No D-30/2018 dated 29.11.2018 Release of Connection at 33 KV Level.
SC No D-29/2018 dated 29.11.2018 Implementation of EoDB recommendations regarding release of connection within 7 Days / 15 Days.
SC No D-28/2018 dated 02.11.2018 Planning for distribution of Electricity in Sector 58 -115 of Gurugram, new Sectors of Faridabad and area falling on the left side of Delhi - Jaipur Highway developed by Builders/Developers in Dharuhera.
SC No D-27/2018 dated 16.10.2018 Instructions for dealing with the cases of the theft of electricity under Electricity Act, 2003 and other relevant provisions of law.
SC No D-26/2018 dated 03.10.2018 Approval for allowing execution of works of shifting of 33 KV Line under self execution scheme.
SC No D-25/2018 dated 22.09.2018 Government Subsidy on Domestic Supply Tariff Applicable from 01.10.2018.
SC No D-24/2018 dated 22.09.2018

Clarification dt.15.12.2018
Settlement of pending electricity bills of defaulting connected & disconnected domestic consumers (having whole current meters) and non-domestic consumers (with sanctioned load of 5 KW or less) in rural & urban areas (Waiver Scheme - 2018).
SC No D-23/2018 dated 10.09.2018 Levy of fuel surcharge adjustment (FSA).
SC No D-22/2018 dated 16.08.2018 Self Execution scheme for release of connection of all categories (other than AP category).
SC No D-21/2018 dated 02.08.2018 Clarification regarding GST.
SC No D-20/2018 dated 30.07.2018 Exemption of electricity duty to new industrial units.
SC No D-19/2018 dated 08.06.2018 Voluntary disclosure scheme for declaration of unauthorized load of all categories of consumers in Rural and Urban areas - VDS 2018.
SC No D-18/2018 dated 22.05.2018 Self-Execution Scheme for release of connection of all category (other than AP category).
SC No D-17/2018 dated 11.05.2018 Constitution of committee for checking the suitablity of land for 33 KV Switching stations/Sub-Stations.
SC No D-16/2018 dated 08.05.2018 Sale Circular & Instruction for Installation, testing & sealing of net meter - Clarification thereof.
SC No D-15/2018 dated 26.04.2018 Organizing special campaign for achieving universal electrification of un-electrified house holds in urban/rural areas of Nuh District.
SC No D-14/2018 dated 27.03.2018 Planning for distribution of electricity in sector-58-115 of Gurugram, new sectors of Faridabad and areas falling on the left side of Delhi-Jaipur highway developed by builders/developers in Dharuhera .
SC No D-13/2018 dated 26.03.2018 Verification of complaints regarding excess meter reading.
SC No D-12/2018 dated 08.03.2018 Providing separate Industrial Feeder for Group of Industrial Consumers (11KV).
SC No D-11/2018 dated 05.03.2018 Settlement of defaulting amount against Govt. Department and Urban Local Bodies towards UHBVN & DHBVN.
SC No D-10/2018 dated 26.02.2018 Processing of applcations for new connection, extnsion of load, reduction of load, change of name or approval of electrification plan, in case of load of 500KW/KVA or above..
SC No D-9/2018 dated 13.02.2018 Simplified procedure for processing change of name cases.
SC No D-8/2018 dated 12.02.2018 Recovery of outstanding arrears from permanently disconnected/connected domestic and non domestic consumers in urban & rural areas.
SC No D-7/2018 dated 09.02.2018 Processing of applcations for new connection, extnsion of load, reduction of load, change of name or approval of electrification plan, in case of load of 500KW/KVA or above.
SC No D-6/2018 dated 05.02.2018 Regarding distribution network to be laid by developers/ builders in new sectors of Faridabad and Gurugram.
SC No D-5/2018 dated 23.01.2018 The Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission (Rooftop Solar Grid Interactive System based on Net Metering) Regulation 2014- Implementation procededure thereof.
SC No D-4/2018 dated 23.01.2018 Deen Dayal Upadhaya Gram Jyoti Yojna.
SC No D-3/2018 dated 17.01.2018 Shifting / Release of Industrial/NDS load from RDS/AP feeders to urban / mixed urban /Industrial feeder.
SC No. D-2/2018 dated 08.01.2018 Scheme for Out of Court Settlement of pending Court Cases/Arbitration Cases.
SC No. D-1/2018 dated 08.01.2018 Levy of Municipal Tax on consumption of electricity within Municipal area.